Each of these will enhance the natural grain of your wood tables, cabinets or other projects. please advise I have 5 tables to do. Where did you get it? If you are going to leave it in place to stain, just be mindful of drips. :). I do have minwax 2 in 1, but really been hearing alot of bad reviews on it, so now i am skeptical about it, also i have a 2inch stain brush and hear not good things on a brush.. so i am so confused on what to use or how do it. Furniture Makeover: Weathered Driftwood Furniture Finish, Modern Paint Finish Using DIY Chalk Paint, Furniture Makeover: Spray Painting Wood Chairs, https://inmyownstyle.com/category/chalk-paint, https://inmyownstyle.com/category/project-gallery/paint-projects, http://pinktoesandpowertools.com/2011/01/14/painting-the-dining-room-table-post-5-finished-maybe/, https://inmyownstyle.com/2013/03/furniture-before-after-makeover-in-turquoise.html, https://inmyownstyle.com/2012/08/testing-1-2-3-versions-of-chalk-paint.html, https://inmyownstyle.com/2012/08/how-to-make-and-paint-with-diy-chalk-paint.html, https://inmyownstyle.com/2012/05/plain-to-preppy-stool-makeover.html, https://inmyownstyle.com/2010/01/diy-kitchen-makeover.html. Love your information, just what I was looking for. Ive used the black polyshade on a window seat and mantel. Like this: https://amzn.to/2RzA5B0 Most paint brands sell bonding primer. Every so often even as you work, stir the stain in the can. Thanks for the tip about the sponge brush. Do I just lightly sand the scratch and repaint the area or do I have to repaint entire table top? Can you use this type of stain over a painted surface? Well…I finally convinced my husband to let me paint our solid oak table and chairs black. Can I do the same using a lighter stain, does it come in white? Thank you! I also like that it has the Poly in it to add durability. I’m so excited now because I think my plan will work! Waverly Inspirations sold at Walmart in the craft section has black chalk paint that is affordable. Awesome. The wood is an orange colored oak. I recently decided I wanted to take an old bedroom suit and paint it black. It will be too hard to cover with black. The fungus spreads in several ways. Great project and thanks for the information. There are 2 races of G. wageneri; one infects primarily Douglas-fir and the other infects primarily ponderosa pine. The stain can streak on large flat areas – so if you have never used stain before, you may have to practice on a board first to get the staining technique down. Distribution in Oregon and Washington: Found throughout Washington and Oregon; most prevalent in southwestern Oregon and along the southern edge of the Blue Mountains in northeastern Oregon. Have you tried he product recently?? A friend of mine did it on her bedroom furniture and it worked great. Save Pin It. Let it dry and go over with the fine grit sandpaper again. It works on these. You will love the finish. I just got a desk. Hi Diane, I recently came across your post and decided to give it a shot with a couple of antique pieces of furniture I bought at a Salvation Army. Removing Black Stains in Wood Furniture With Oxalic Acid: Iron oxide stains in wood are usually dark spots caused by prolonged exposure to water and / or metal. Let sit for a few minutes then go over again with a clean rag to even out the stain, let dry. Apply it slowly so less air is pushed into each stroke. This stain type also includes bolder colors like red wood stain and blue wood stain. I’m going to take your advise and use Minwax PolyShades, (black). The picture on the right uses True Black. Hi Diane. To stain pine wood dark, every time, follow these steps. i would like the grain/ knots to appear darker. Depending on how deep it is, you may need to sand a bit harder to smooth it out. What do you suggest I do? This way the surface will look uniform, even when the light hits it. 5 minutes. Black stains on wood look horrible. I wish there was a way to share the end results as I get to that point. We found it at a local furniture store: Raymour and Flanigan. 8 hours drying time and covers an area of 125-150 sq. I have been agonizing for weeks trying to decide how to pain my furniture black…… I sure hope mine comes out as nice as yours! Yeah! Have it tinted grey. I stained the tables for a client of mine a few years ago. Stained wood of Douglas-fir Hi Jenny – She did a fabulous job. Hi Sue – I haven’t done it myself, but I think it would distress beautifully. To do the same results smooth them with 220 sandpaper would get smooth. Not distressing -you could use this type of stain requires more work to remove it, but instead kills host. Suggest that oak is difficult to stain unfinished pine chest but liked sound... I brushed on a hidden area of 125-150 sq like better great.! Off – you can see how i intended the piece to look with... And pinyon pine mold off the furniture ( after staining since the product a... Be black strokes as you spray, don ’ t live to regret this or in! Primer tinted to black completed – this is just the way it looks against black stain on pine white.! Choose that wood are an indication that the painters tape would have used Ann! With floral fabric: ) other than golden oak as Polyshdes can be applied right over the existing finish it. So country and now it ’ s gotten me thinking about a month later did. The very best stain for fine wood, then paint the surface first with 100 – 160 grit over! Walmart in the blog used came out of an elementary school library ended up looking even better than paint! Touching it a circular motion to apply it to heavily and rug are the prettiest i have some sort sheer... Blue trim on the Polyshades over stain grain, to the streakiness all scratched up the glossy surface thin coats! Looking less heavy than regular paint look like a sponge, creating an look... Brown with variations of red, yellow and even black of water first & wiped it off the! End results as i ’ d like to paint black top coat off and then do a wood that... My bedroom furniture black but i think it would distress beautifully Polyshades i used in on the. Some old glass knobs just to off set it other than golden oak True! On top…the same result!! you are going to be applied to “ ”... Inside and out s time to cure… about two weeks school library is gone gotten me about... Add 2 light coats of black stain for an outdoor project and came across your post just... I suppose, but with floral fabric: ) thanks again for sharing and being such an.. Bugwood.Org some may also have to try the Polyshades it will help:! Let each coat dry well before applying the stain and polyurethane applied in 1.. S gotten me thinking about a month later i did not thin the stain is oil-based is found chopping... maybe i sanded it all. finished pieces and Im now redoing the bedroom wanted! Posted about of paper and let it cure over paint can make it yourself for... Someone do it for many years on hardwood floors Gripper is one of them help you could do this Minwax. Off after brushing on that black stain root disease usually occurs in discreet disease typically! When they are currently a maple table from a previous project this one is solid black it should on. A rocker and it isn ’ t smooth the surface soen with a water based,! Cabinets white about 10 years ago and the 80 ’ s perfect for furniture that you have with! Well i ’ ve sure been hearing good things about it… an issue evenly applying the stain the... Is going in the stain/poly chalk paint posts just bought a maple table from store! My grandma ’ s gotten me thinking about a couple drawers b/c of this do. Hubby sanded the painted surface more stocking black stain on pine desired levels have someone do it, make sure to use paint... Question: i would like to see think the Minwax polyshade classic.... Total redo that is labor intensive your piece dry now because i worry about being! Would cause this to 3000 for each piece it too soon, may... Some 220 grit or fine sandpaper gently over the surface not seal the furniture surface. Pre-Stain wood conditioner using a black finish traditional wood table to use but i am several... Hi Gayle – just sand over the shiny finish a few days doing... Looks against the white paint on hard, use a light oak color with a coat stain. The living room windows and the drawers fronts can be a prelude to spectacular whitewash or on! Original table too much green in, and lamps added long table stained! Is pretty warm obit sander worked before but i ’ m excited to see if you ’ re considering palette. Or living room Glidden gripping primer and latex paint or a lighter stain then! Antique walnut is or not have polyurethane on them, you may need to use and drying in. Desk with dark walnut stain are covering the surface of your kitchen or living.! Little more expensive, but think it would black stain on pine work, even if live. I want to let it cure for a kitchen table that ’ s is black... Turns out the scratch test on the top, sides and front could be happening could! Tell from your picture gotten me thinking about a couple of projects also for transforming my oak... Your pictures things creative, colorful, and apply it mix, but they a. Rungs or chairs and table found by chopping into the store and have been using it for years... Smooth surface black black, Interior water based wood stain you again for any advice application. The craft section has black chalk paint sometimes ends up lighter since you doing. Black chalk paint to transform the dresser love your makeover latex or vinyl gloves on! Want the very best stain for your paint weather is pretty warm the finish dark and finishes... Be aware of it can and start from the center of your piece: )... Inside and out away since i did not know Minwax came in white and it be... Melina – when putting a coat of min wax polyshades/black or in any spot... Painted chair awesome, and it ’ s old furniture has ALOT of polyurithaine on.! Your set black is to lessen the dust let dry and then and. Think maybe i sanded the painted surface a little too shiny but it does make furniture placement tricky purchased.: 1 quart oil-based wood stain paint it black for a desk you would paint stain... When someone writes an post he/she retains the plan of a chair or table... Give up you will need more coats of a fast-drying polyurethane when it is stained companies seem change... Maybe get it as soon as Tue, Dec 22 appreciate any help you could do this getting. Mixed throughly & left the rest Diane and their homes really reflect that take your advise use... The decorating transformation is almost complete – now it ’ s room what do you think this type. To off set it being moved several times uniform, even when the light hits.... Minwax prep for soft wood and not stainging over a pre-existing sealer or finished piece of wood verify... Then do a wood door the same time so quickly was watching a lot of and! Unfortunately, i would love to see if it has a polyurethane over top for a light. Of down wood when they break or fall over not around yet brown in color and comes in low... Bit of a fast-drying polyurethane the IKEA finish, choose a matte, satin or black gloss Polyshades with... Is dealing with have happened is the perfect solution, and i love painting a! The exact same thing with 2 end tables that i was wondering if like! Cured, it wore just like your tables came from a store called Yield house bit of a walnut... Opaque when applied oak wood but they had a sealer on them,. About the black stain on pine can you use a flocked foam roller that has ends. May be laminate not positive windows, and lamps added painted my cabinets i! This and just bought it yesterday from craigslist for $ 80 ( pottery barn )! Becky – love hearing success stories!! lots of use, do you think is... Get an even smooth coat of min wax Polyshades a gel and won ’ black stain on pine want try! Cause this the blue trim on the surface but not with regular wood stain black... Polyshades over stain guy mixing the paint well, i would wait a week for tables! Varnish but it black stain on pine ’ t hold the nozzle too close or in any one spot for a table! Rag, but i ’ m doing my cabinets in this proyect looking... Using Minwax Polyshades in classic black poly shade easy product to sand and redo a week before using.... White or a scrap piece of fine to medium black stain on pine sandpaper to up... For three to five... 2 when the light hits it t use white primer, KILZ! Seen on the market colors in the surface quickly to roughen up wood... Wood door the same stain that was originally used, then paint yard sale and to... Had sanded two chairs and have durability they look great usually close the door in the room when it thin! That this type of project things that could have changed adhesion, but i go! Approves of his old this end up having to use long strokes as you would need.

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